Tom Johnson’s WordPress quick start guide

As you may or may not know, Tom Johnson has started offering a WordPress for beginners course. The courses are over the Web, and if you’re new to WordPress, or are thinking of switching, then you should definitley give the course a look.

Something else Tom has done is put together a WordPress quick start guide. It’s a very nice piece of documentation — it’s not too long, it’s concise, and it’s well written.

Online versus paper

As Michele Marques points out, we work in a profession that produces more than a couple of pages of documents. Far more. But with the push to go green, producing more pages definitely doesn’t mesh with environmental consciousness.

Why? Those pages are going to be printed. By readers. And by us. I’ll admit the I’m as guilty as many of printing drafts. However, I try to be as economical as possible — printing two-up, double-sided. That’s not an option for everyone, though.

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Word to HTML, without the junk

Sometimes, even in the world of technical communication, you need to convert Word files to HTML. Unfortunately, what Word spews out can’t be considered HTML. Not by a long shot. There’s all sorts of junk in there — from lousy CSS to proprietary tags.

It’s really difficult to get decent HTML out of Word. This article, though, offers a few tips. My favourite? Besides not using Word, I mean? Email the document to your Gmail address and use the View as HTML feature. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best solution — you could be working at a site (as I am now) that blocks Web-based email.

Still, some of the other suggestions look like they work well, too.

Writing really good documentation

I’m sure that’s one thing that we all want to do. At least, I hope it is …

We all have different approaches to writing good documentation. And Red Hat Magazine published a four-part series on the subject.

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