Typosquatting – Getting Paid By The (Wrong) Word

Do you get paid by the word? That’s a line technical writers often hear from developers in jest. Now, it seems that not only can you get paid by the word, but there is even more money to be made by using the wrong word. This article from techdirt exposes some of the highest priced typos of 2006.

Tech writers get punished for typos, and typosquatters get paid. Remember that one next time you’re asked.

Working at the command line in UNIX

There comes a time in every technical writer’s life when s/he is documenting an application that runs on UNIX. And that means doing a bit (or more) work at the UNIX command line. If you’ve been weaned on Windows or Mac OS, then the command line will seem a foreign, daunting place to you. But it really isn’t.

This article (taken from the excellent book UNIX: Visual QuickStart Guide) will help you quickly get familiar with the UNIX command line. You’ll be tapping out commands like an old pro in no time.

Expand your vocabulary

One easy way to set yourself apart as a technical writer is to have a strong vocabulary in your arsenal. Think of it as your secret weapon.

As a technical writer, a strong vocabulary enables you to use the right words in the right context for maximum value. This is especially important when writing about highly technical subject matter.

Want to expand your vocabulary to empower your writing? There are a number of websites that are good resources, with one of the best being www.dictionary.com which offers a free word of the day that can be picked up as an RSS feed.

Become a master of words and you can cross another new year's resolution off of your list.

Weekly podcast resumes on Jan 1

Scott and I have been on a brief hiatus during the holiday “silly season” so you’ll notice a lull in blogging and podcasting.

We will be resuming our weekly podcast on Jan 1 to kick off the year of the pig with some insight into providing value as a technical writer in your organization.

We hope that you’ve had a good break and look forward to a great year in 2007.