Weekly podcast resumes on Jan 1  Clip to Evernote

Scott and I have been on a brief hiatus during the holiday “silly season” so you’ll notice a lull in blogging and podcasting.

We will be resuming our weekly podcast on Jan 1 to kick off the year of the pig with some insight into providing value as a technical writer in your organization.

We hope that you’ve had a good break and look forward to a great year in 2007.

Writing technical marketing copy  Clip to Evernote

I’m a big believer in technical writers adopting other roles. In fact, this will be the subject of an upcoming podcast. One of those roles is writing technical marketing copy. Tech writers are in a great position to do this: they have knowledge of the product but can also (it’s hoped) think from the perspective of the person reading the marketing material.

This article (it’s a PDF) looks at tackling the challenges that a tech writer will face when taking on the job of crafting marketing copy.

Podcast for the week of December 11, 2006  Clip to Evernote

This week’s edition of the Communications from DMN podcast has been posted. This week, we discuss using Basecamp to collaborate on and manage a project. We also present our Pick of the Week: the EServer Technical Communication Library.

As always, you can play the podcast directly from our site at Podbean.com. Or, you can download the podcast and listen to it when you wish.

You can read a transcript of the podcast here.

Hello World – Initial Podcast Love  Clip to Evernote

The results are in… and we’re feeling the love from our initial podcast. Scott and I are thrilled (and suprised?!) that listeners from North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia were able to catch the first attempt at our new weekly podcast, Communications from DMN. Thank you for checking us out!

As they say, the best is yet to come. If you’ve checked out our podcast, we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions as we’re still very much in the “baby steps” phase. We welcome your feedback at podcast@dmncommunications.com.

Stay tuned!

Documentation is important, but so is good writing  Clip to Evernote

The article “Putting the Writer Back into Technical Writing” is an interesting treatise on the role of technical writing, and on how good writers can improve documentation. Often, I find that the role of good writing is undervalued in technical writing.

However, being a good writer doesn’t mean that you’ll be an effective technical writer. You really need to balance the skills of a writer/researcher/editor with the technical knowledge required to do the job.

Quadralay’s WebWorks wiki  Clip to Evernote

One of the more popular tools for generating online help is Quadralay’s WebWorks ePublisher Pro. The product is solid, but it has a fairly steep learning curve. But now there’s something to help both the fledgling and experienced ePublisher Pro user: the WebWorks wiki.

Even though the wiki has only been around for about a week (as of this writing), it boasts an extensive FAQ section and growing reference portion. On top of that, there are screen demos of the product. The tips are a bit thin at the moment, though.

Like any other wiki, users can add and edit pages (registration required). So, if you have any tips, WebWorks tricks, techniques or templates you can share them with other users.