DMN Communications to speak at DocTrainUX 2007

We’ll be delivering a talk titled “Getting a Foothold: Using Basecamp to Improve Productivity and Collaboration at the Documentation & Training 2007 WEST conference, held in beautiful downtown Vancouver from April 18-21.

The theme of the conference is Documentation & Training: The User Experience. You can get more details on our session and the rest of the conference at Hope to see you there!

Acrobat a target for hackers?

According to this article on ZDNet news, hackers can take advantage of a flaw in the web browser plug in of Adobe Acrobat Reader to get their spoof on. According to VeriSign,

…an attacker could find a PDF file on a bank Web site and then create a hostile link to that file along with malicious JavaScript… (making it) possible for cross-site-scripting (XSS) attacks to occur, to steal cookies, session information, or possibly create a XSS worm.

Adobe’s response? Everyone upgrade to Acrobat 8.0 or wait for a fix for older versions. In the mean time, remember those Release Notes that you posted this week? They’re officially badass!

Typosquatting – Getting Paid By The (Wrong) Word

Do you get paid by the word? That’s a line technical writers often hear from developers in jest. Now, it seems that not only can you get paid by the word, but there is even more money to be made by using the wrong word. This article from techdirt exposes some of the highest priced typos of 2006.

Tech writers get punished for typos, and typosquatters get paid. Remember that one next time you’re asked.