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Things are pretty busy at the Home Firm right now. Client commitments, personal commitments, side projects, and the like. Busy doesn’t come close to describing what’s happening at the moment. Which means things could be a bit slow when in comes to blogging in this space.

That’s one of the changes happening here. We’re going to experiment with posting three days a week — Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Along with our regular links roundup on Saturdays. Most Saturdays, anyway. When we make the change (starting next week), let us know what you think of the new editorial calendar.

Scott’s writeup of this month’s Toronto Wiki Tuesdays MeetUp will be posted later this week as well. If you’re interested in some of Scott’s thoughts, you can read his (lame) attempt at live microblogging here.

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Last autumn, I received an interesting email from a couple of wiki consultants who’d seen the slides I’d posted at Slideshare for my presentation at DocTrain East.

What I found most interesting was that one of the messages that we exchanged mentioned a monthly event called Toronto Wiki Tuesdays. It’s a group of wiki enthusiasts, obviously, who get together to hear someone speak about how they use wikis in a professional setting.

The topics always seemed interesting, but the timing … well, let’s just say it wasn’t the best. My Tuesday evenings were always booked, and I missed some interesting talks .

Finally, I’ve got a free Tuesday evening. Which just happens to coincide with the next Wiki Tuesday (April 14, 2009). Maybe timing is everything, because this session looks to be one of the most interesting yet. It’s on how public broadcaster TV Ontario used a wiki to:

… plan the events, engage participant interaction through, during and after the events and how the wiki became pivotal for both production and Agenda Camp outcome purposes.

If you’re a wiki enthusiast based in Toronto, you should check out Toronto Wiki Tuesdays. I’ll be posting a report of this event later this week, and perhaps live microgblogging using my BlackBerry.

Using Twitter in your business  Clip to Evernote

Twitter (and microblogging in general) is one of those activities that’s really polarizing. Legions of people love it — it’s blogging, with immediacy. Others despise it — it’s trivial and narcissistic, and just adds the the static of the Internet.

I sit somewhere in between. While I’m a fairly active microblogger, I tend to focus more on sharing information than telling people what I’m up to. Let’s face it, no one cares that I’m about to make some muffins for my daughter …

Still, many individuals and companies have used and do use Twitter as part of their business. Some use it for networking. Others use it for product announcements, to generate buzz, or to promote a blog post or speaking gig. Actually, there are a lot of ways that businesses can use Twitter.

That’s where this article (and this one) come in. They offer a total of 54 ideas that your company — even if it’s a company of one or two — can use Twitter for business. They even got a microblogging skeptic like me thinking!

Yet another rant about error messages  Clip to Evernote

Over the last week or so, the demons of the computing world have been swarming around me and making my life a bit difficult. Mostly, it’s been little things that have gone wrong. Annoying, but I could deal with them.

But, yet again, there have been a few error messages that have have left me shaking my head in disbelief. One offered a good chuckle, but the other two … well, in the immortal words of Richard Nixon huh?

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