A few screencasting resources

Want or need to jump into screencasting, but don’t know where to begin? Then take a look at these resources that can help get you up and running:

Do you have any favourite screencasting resources? Why not share them by leaving a comment?

Books, documentation, and perception

Two weeks ago, the Google Summer of Code Doc Camp was announced. I won’t go into that event in this post; you can read more about it here. Maybe you’ll get involved, too.

After the announcement hit Twitter, Shaun McCance posted an interesting tweet:

Tweet about books

I know Shaun, and I understand where he’s coming from with that tweet. Thanks to topic-based writing and online delivery, the whole idea of books and manuals seems so twentieth century. And Shaun has been developing Mallard, a topic-oriented markup language intended primarily for the delivery of help. You can read more about Mallard here.

After reading Shaun’s tweet, I got to thinking about the idea of the book.

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