How to use curation analytics to improve your documentation  Clip to Evernote

by Mark Fidelman

How do you know if your online documentation is meeting the needs of the end users foryour products and services? For most of the world’s corporations the answer is we don’t.

Hang on, what do you mean? We have Google Analytics!

True, but does Google Analytics tell you the search keywords and phrases that your customers are searching for and not finding? Does it tell you if the content is solving the needs of your customers? Does it tell you when your documentation was last updated?

No it doesn’t.

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Converting Word files to a format WordPress can digest  Clip to Evernote

When Aaron and I started our guest blog post experiment, we we’re sure how it would go over – either with the people who read the words published in this space, or with the folks we approached to do guest posts. Much to our surprise and delight, both camps responded enthusiastically.

The only problem (if you want to call it that) is with the format in which our posters submit their posts. We accept files in the following formats: Word, Writer, HTML, Markdown, Textile, or plain text. Most of our guest posters send their submissions as Word files. Two people sent Writer (bless them!) files and one sent a plain text document embedded in an email. I was really hoping for more submissions in HTML, Markdown, or Textile …

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Asking why  Clip to Evernote

A few weeks back, I read a very interesting blog post titled “Think Like a Five-Year Old”. The thrust of the post was that we all really need to ask that one annoying yet probing question that all children ask: why?

This philosophy extends … into web design, user interface development, etc… As a developer, when someone came to me with a piece of code, I would always ask them: Why did you build it this way?

That philosophy also applies to technical communication, in (at least) two ways.

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