Converting Word files to a format WordPress can digest  Clip to Evernote

When Aaron and I started our guest blog post experiment, we we’re sure how it would go over – either with the people who read the words published in this space, or with the folks we approached to do guest posts. Much to our surprise and delight, both camps responded enthusiastically.

The only problem (if you want to call it that) is with the format in which our posters submit their posts. We accept files in the following formats: Word, Writer, HTML, Markdown, Textile, or plain text. Most of our guest posters send their submissions as Word files. Two people sent Writer (bless them!) files and one sent a plain text document embedded in an email. I was really hoping for more submissions in HTML, Markdown, or Textile …

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Asking why  Clip to Evernote

A few weeks back, I read a very interesting blog post titled “Think Like a Five-Year Old”. The thrust of the post was that we all really need to ask that one annoying yet probing question that all children ask: why?

This philosophy extends … into web design, user interface development, etc… As a developer, when someone came to me with a piece of code, I would always ask them: Why did you build it this way?

That philosophy also applies to technical communication, in (at least) two ways.

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DMN Communications to host seminar at Camaraderie co-working space  Clip to Evernote

Scott will be hosting a seminar titled “Getting Organized with Google Apps” at the Camaraderie coworking space in Toronto on September 23, 2010.

In this one-hour seminar, Scott will look at how to organize your work and life using Google Apps. More than just a walk through of how to use the software, this seminar will offer useful techniques you can get more organized and productive, in a simple way. You’ll learn how to integrate Google Apps into your workflow and lifestyle. Best of all, you can apply these techniques to any organization tool that you work with.

You can find more details about the seminar, and register for it, here.

The cost for attendees is $10 (Cdn.), payable via PayPal. The proceeds from this event will help sponsor the FLOSS Manuals book sprint to be held at Toronto Open Source Week on October 26 and 27, 2010.