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Going a little more mobile

Aaron and I take some pride in the fact that our company is virtual. With our laptops and a wireless connection, we can work just about anywhere. For the longest time, that was all well and good. Times change, and so do I. So, last week I took a step deeper into the realm of the mobile.

After three years of resisting Aaron’s hints and cajoling, I got a Blackberry. Imagine Aaron’s gleeful chortles after I broke the news to him … To his credit, Aaron was fairly magnanimous in victory and didn’t rub the fact that my feet turned to clay in too badly.

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A thought to apply to documentation, and users

People will change their habits quickly when they have a strong reason to do so, and people have an innate urge to connect with other people. And when you give people a new way to connect with other people, they will push through any technical barrier, they will learn new languages — people are wired to want to connect with other people. And they find it objectionable not to be able to.

Marc Andressen

Stepping into the freelance world, part 4: educating yourself

If we don’t learn, we wither. New trends, new tools and technologies, new techniques. Even just new skills for the job. Continuous education is a key to longevity in the world of technical communication.

As a freelancer, though, getting educated can be a bit of a problem. While many full-time employees have access to at least some job-specific training paid for by their employers, freelancers must shoulder the costs themselves. And training isn’t always cheap.

So, how do freelancers stay current and stay sharp? Here are a few suggestions.

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What makes a good presentation?

That’s one of the questions about presenting that I was recently asked. Why the person asked me, I have no idea. I’m definitely not the greatest presenter around. While I like to think I’m improving in this area, there are still holes in my game.

Still, I was somewhat flattered. And it kind of fed my then-depleted ego to be asked this question, and the others that surrounded it. What follows are the points that I tried to get across.

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Weekly links roundup