The Real Reason You Need a Medicare Supplement Plan

We’ve all heard the different reasons why we need a Medicare Supplement plan; reason like: filling in the gaps, co-insurance and deductibles that Medicare does not cover. The real reason is that the right Medicare supplement plan for your unique needs can help you plan for your health care costs.

In other words, you will know what your monthly premium is and how much or how little you have to pay for a visit to a doctor or hospitalization. With these planned expenses, you know what to expect.

Without a Medicare supplement plan, you know that you will most likely have medical expenses, but how much will it cost? Take, for example, the Medicare Part A deductible. This is the Medicare Hospital deductible, which was $ 1,100 in 2010. This deductible does not work like the traditional annual deductible you have in the past with your employer health insurance, which you only have to pay once in a given year. With the Medicare Part A deductible, you may have to meet the deductible several times during the year. Since the Part A deductible is seen as a deductible with “benefit period”, with a benefit period of 60 days. Will that probably happen? Not really, but it could. These are unexpected expenses that are hard to plan.

The future of your health expenses is easy to prepare if you know what your monthly expenses will be. That’s exactly what a Medicare supplement does for you. Since the plan covers most, if not all, of your medical expenses, all you have to prepare is the monthly premium.

Medicare for some can be a workable plan. Especially if you have the income to pay for the unexpected deductibles and co-payments that you are responsible for. Hospital expenses (multiple A deductibles) can be very expensive and outpatient visits or surgeries can also add up.

How much does Medicare Advantage cost?

medicare supplement plan gThese plans were cheap or even free in certain cases. By freezing government subsidies, you can see higher premiums, co-insurance or co-payments or reduced benefits. Nonetheless, these plans must continue to provide all the benefits available through Original Medicare.  Get a quote at 2019 supp plan G at

Medicare sets certain rules that all Advantage plans must follow, but these plans may also include co-insurance fees for durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, a deductible that you must pay before your prescriptions are capped or increased in premiums.

The only way to be sure that you have the best Medicare supplement and get the most out of Medicare is to take a serious look at all Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare supplement plans in your area.

Again, the real reason for a Medicare Supplement Plan is that you can have a planned system of expected health care expenses, especially if you have a fixed income or budget. Once you know the cost, you can be reassured and ready for your systematic payment plan. No unexpected costs, no bills waiting to be paid, and no surprises. This is the real reason for the Medicare Supplement Plan.