Medicare Plans: difference in costs and quality

Original Medicare consists of Medicare Parts A and B, and this is the version in which people who reach age mark of 65 years are enrolled in. The federal government regulates original Medicare whereas the Medicare Advantage is regulated by the private insurance companies which offer them. Let us discuss Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare in terms of cost and quality difference.  Get more information at


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Quality of Original health insurance cannot be determined easily because there is no proper method to determine their quality therefore, you will have to spend some time and research on Original Medicare or read reviews to understand its quality.  However, one can easily get the idea regarding customer services, quality, etc. of a Medicare Advantage Plan by having a look at the 5-star rating system. This rating system not only helps in determining the quality of a Medicare Advantage plan but also helps to get idea about quality of service of Part D drug coverage plan. The 5-star rating on a plan tells you that the plan is excellent, 4-star rating means it is above average, and 3-star rating denotes that plan is average.

The rating tells you not only about customer service but also about service of chronic conditions, member gratification, and number of times a member gets vaccination and screening tests. To view a plan’s rating, you can visit health insurance plan finder site. Health insurance payment Advisory Commission recently published a report which stated that around 36 percent of all available plans in market attainted a rating of 4 or above.


People who enroll in Original health insurance Parts A and B only have to pay Part B premium along with some deductible, but if they enroll in Part D prescription drug plan too then, they will have to pay Part D premium as well. Paying coinsurance is also required in health insurance typically; this coinsurance is 20 percent of cost of service. To provide coverage for some out-of-pocket costs, one can opt for an additional Medigap insurance as well.

However, if you enroll in health insurance Advantage Plan, then you will have to still pay your Part B premium but along with that copays and deductibles are further added. Costs and policies vary from one plan to another. Health insurance Advantage Plans are known for their lower out-of-pocket costs; in fact, its out-of-pocket costs have maximum limit on them and are much lower than those of Original health insurance are.